Chronic's Cocktail Hour with Zach Osterman

Zach joins us in the Liger's Den to explain what you've missed if you just woke up from a 4-year coma & sheds some light on what's in store for #iubb.

Crimson Cast Podcast

CrimsonCast and Hoosier Chronicles unite! Galen and Chronic Hoosier sit down for a wide-ranging conversation about IU basketball, deep-diving into the Crean era, the national position of IU basketball, Indiana fandom, and what direction IU will (or should) go for a new coach.

Tom Crean: By The Numbers

Photo via: 8bitremixguy

Seasons at Indiana: 9
Salary: $3,152,867 ($740,000 max bonuses)(9th highest in NCAA basketball)
Record at IU: 165-133 Overall, 71-91 B1G
Postseason Record: 9-12 (6-4 NCAA Tournament, 3-8 B1G Tournament)
2016 Recruiting Budget: $512,756 

Avg. Wins Per Season: 18.3
Avg. B1G Wins Per Season: 7.9

Avg.  B1G Ranking: 7.1

Avg. Efficiency Overall 69, Offense 72, Defense 111
Avg. Recruiting Class Ranking: 28.4
Per 247 Composite Team Recruiting Rankings

Chronic's Cocktail Hour with the IDS Crew

Tonight we're joined by the IDS' #iubb team, Andrew Hussey, Greg GottfriedZain Pyarali, to talk about all that is good (short segment) and all that's bad with Indiana basketball right now. Check it out, give the lads a follow, & be on the look out for their own podcasts (which are all far more organized & better produced than the one below, seriously). Enjoy.

The Alex McCarthy Exit Interview

As per unwritten code here at the Hoosier Chronicles, whenever a valued member of the IU Media Mafia chooses to leave the beat we're faced with two distinct choices: we must either kill them or commemorate their departure with an abundance of drinks, stories, slanders, laughs aaaand some technical difficulties (see: abundance of drinks). On Alex's last Tuesday in Bloomington we elected for the later, a shitshow in two parts. Enjoy.
Part I:

Part II