Preach on, brother Sheehey

Upon returning home from their loss to Kentucky in the Sweet 16, the IU men's basketball team addressed the fans who had gathered at Cook Hall (full video here). When Will Sheehey was given the microphone, it took him about two seconds to go from 0 to badass:

(via IU Athletics)

"We're not happy with the Sweet 16 and you fans shouldn't be either. You should expect more from us than that, and that's why you guys are the great fans that you are."

Now THAT'S how you go hard on the mic.

Just drop it next time, Will.


  1. My son is only 2, but I will train him to be the next Will Sheehey.

  2. mmmmmmmm sheehey mmmmmm

  3. Go Big Blue!!! Note IU that UK IS #1

  4. Go Big Blue!!! Note IU that UK IS #1

  5. UK is about to become old news. IU has the #1 recruiting class for the next 2 years, so F UK!