Making Sense Of The Indiana-Illinois Rivalry

Saw this little piece today about the IU-Illinois rivalry, and it got me thinking about IU's emergent rivalry with Illinois. Sure, most Hoosiers have long since given two shits about our neighbors to the west, but how exactly has this rivalry morphed into what it has become today? Let's examine just a few of the differentiating factors between IU & UI: 

IU plays in Assembly Hall, the National Basketball Cathedral.

UI plays in the State Farm Center, formerly Assembly Hall, the motherfucking spaceship.

IU play underneath five National Championship banners.

UI plays underneath a bunch of jersey, 0 banners.

IU plays for a coach know for his enthusiasm.

UI plays for a new coach who, like its last one, is also know for flipping shit and whining (a lot).

Societal Contributions
IU integrated Big Ten basketball in 1947.

UI cried like bitches when they were told they could no longer degrade an entire race of people- 39 years after the passage of the Indian Civil Rights Act. 

In the end, however, we all know what this newfound hatred towards one another is really all about...

Eric Gordon
IU was accepting of a homegrown phenom's decision to reconsider his college choice when the recruiting landscape materially changed around him. UI was unable to accept the teenager's decision, and, well, has pretty much made an ass out of themselves ever since.


  1. It would really be wise to remember, that if you have a hand, it has five individual fingers. When you make a fist out of those fingers, you still lose the national championship.

  2. And you bitches just got beat.....AGAIN!

  3. Illinois 74, Indiana 72

    Sucks to be a Loosier yesterday, today, and everyday. GO ILLINI!!!