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  1. Im a huge 28 year sports fan, but the sport i like the less in my life was basketball. Then in 2009 I decided to study a Master and I look trough diferent options untill I saw IU. I just fell in love just looking at the website! Then I apply for admission and it was granted to me I was the happiest men on erath that day, I began to "study" about IU traditions and places, and even visited the campus (I dont live in the USA)I learned about Stright no chaser, Bob Knight, Herman B. Wells, Kilroys, learned "Indiana our Indiana" and put it as my ringtone, and even found a mexican restaurant owned by people from my hometown. All that happend in 2009-2010, both I just cant get the funding to pay gradschool at IU, and I wasnt able to enroll to The MPA at SPEA, eventough I feel my self part of the Hoosier nation, I follow the BB team every game while wearing my cream and crimson tshirt, and honestly I still have hopes to be there someday studying and living what the Hoosier Nation is right there in the capital Bloomington!
    I must admitt that I cried of joy when I saw that 3 pointer from Watford, And still cry a little when I see videos like this one.

    Crean and Crimson!
    For the glory of old IU!

  2. and I apologyze in advance for my awful grammar!