Indiana Mr. Basketball & IU

With today's announcement, Cody Zeller becomes the 26th Indiana Mr. Basketball winner to play for the Hoosiers.

Some Indiana Mr. Basketball facts:
  • IU has had 30% more Indiana Mr. Basketball winners (26) than all other in-state schools combined (20): Purdue-10, Notre Dame- 2, Butler- 2, Evansville-2, Anderson-1, Ball State-1, Indiana Central- 1, Valparaiso- 1.
  • In the 72 years since the honor was first awarded, only 10 IU rosters have lacked an Indiana Mr. Basketball winner.
  • When Cody joins Jordy Hulls in Bloomington this fall, they will represent the 13th time multiple Indiana Mr. Basketball winners have teamed up at IU: Hulls/Zeller, Gordon/Ratliff, Coverdale/Jeffries, Bailey/Graham, Graham/Jones, Edwards/Jones, Alford/Brooks, Bouchie/Tolbert, McGinnis/Shepherd, Van Arsdale/Van Arsdale, Rayl/Van Arsdale/Van Arsdale, Garrett/Masters, Garrett/Masters/Schwartz.
  • Cody is Washington High School's 4th Mr. Basketball winner (3 of them were named Zeller; Bouchie was the 1st), tying the Hatchets with Marion and Anderson for the most winners from any high school.
  • Approxamately 38% of all Indiana Mr. Basketball winners have played for IU.
  • Purdue has only had 10 Indiana Mr. Basketball winners, with Glenn Robinson being the most recent- 20 years ago.
  • IU has now had 7 Indiana Mr. Basketball winners since the Big Dog went to Purdue
  • Historically, 44.4% of all Indiana Mr. Basketball winners have left the state to play in college. That number has dropped to 33% since Tom Crean took over at IU. It will likely drop to 25% next year with Yogi, Patterson, Hollowell, and Perea in the mix for Indiana's top high school basketball honor.
List of Indiana Mr. Basketball Winners At IU:

2011-Cody Zeller, Washington

2009- Jordan Hulls, Bloomington South

2007- Eric Gordon, North Central

2004 - A.J. Ratliff, North Central

2000 - Jared Jeffries, Bloomington North

1998 - Tom Coverdale, Noblesville

1997 - Luke Recker, DeKalb

1990 - Damon Bailey, Bedford North Lawrence

1989 - Pat Graham, Floyd Central

1987 - (tie) Jay Edwards and Lyndon Jones, Marion

1984 - Delray Brooks, Michigan City Rogers

1983 - Steve Alford, New Castle

1979 - Steve Bouchie, Washington

1977 - Ray Tolbert, Anderson Madison Heights

1973 - Kent Benson, New Castle

1970 - Dave Shepherd, Carmel

1969 - George McGinnis, Indianapolis Washington

1961 - (tie) Tom and Dick VanArsdale, Indianapolis Manual

1959 - Jimmy Rayl, Kokomo

1953 - Hallie Bryant, Indianapolis Attucks

1948 - Bob Masters, Lafayette Jeff

1947 - Bill Garrett, Shelbyville

1945 - Tom Schwartz, Kokomo

1940- Ed Scheinbein, Southport


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