FAIL Has A New Face

After years of terrorizing children with his hard plastic face, rapist's grin, and lustful gaze, Purdue University decided it was time to give their beloved mascot, Purdue Pete, a make-over.

And despite the University's usual bumblefucking inadvertent leaking of new Pete's image earlier in the week, thousands hundreds dozens of Boiler fans showed up at Ross-Ade Stadium today to witness the ceremonial passing of the hammer to the newest conductor of the Fail Train. (Apparently, however, Petey's hammer isn't making the transition. Cue fucktarded facebook group.)

In honor of Pete's continued metamorphosis, let's look back at the many faces of failure:

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  1. Awesome read. Just found this blog. Anytime Purdue is being bashed, Im a fan. LOL Love IU basketball.