Chronic's March Sadness Bracket Challenge

Just because the Season on the Drink has come to an end doesn't mean the party is over.

It's March in Bloomington and that can only mean 2 things: watching basketball & drinking. 

I like basketball & drinking. I'm guessing you do, too.

Thus, I've created the IU March Sadness Bracket Challenge to help facilitate a more enjoyable Hoosier-less tournament experience.

The rules are simple:
1)Visit ESPN's Tournament Challenge page:
2) Register & enter group name: "IU March Sadness"
3) Password: "Tijan"
4)Complete & save your bracket
5)Winner receives an autographed bottle of the Nectar of the Gods at the completion of the tournament*.
*Winner must verify legal drinking age to receive the goodness (otherwise minors receive cash equivalent) and live within the continental US (I'm not spending $30 to ship a $20 bottle to Tokyo- as badly as it might be needed now).

Good luck. 

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