Chronic's Cocktail Hour with Dustin, Hugh, Greg, & Nathan

What happens when you take four respected members of the IU basketball beat, tuck them in a back room at Yogi's Bar & Grill, and allow me to force alcohol and IU hoops conversation upon them?

This edition of Chronic's Cocktail Hour is what happens.

Now, what happens when you entrust me to properly record and preserve said conversation?

Well.....maybe the first 30 minutes of audio disappear when my piece of shit recorder times-out without auto-saving fucking happens. Oh. Shit. (Sorry, guys.)

So, whaddya miss? Some really good stuff, unfortunately. The HT's Dustin Dopirak & Hugh Kellenberger, the IDS' Greg Rosenstein & Nathan Hart, and I discussed what this team is lacking (trust/leadership/toughness/effort/accountability) and whether and how IU gets it back.

The recorded portion of the conversation picks up as Nathan concludes, and Hugh continues, speaking about Crean holding players accountable with playing time.

Voices in order of appearance: N. Hart, H. Kellenberger, C. Hoosier, G Rosenstein, D. Dopirak.

So, yeah. I'm the worst podcast engineer ever. Proven it. Twice now. (I blame none of this on Jameson.)

Everything else I blame on trust and accountability. Cheers, bitches.

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