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Well, what do you know? It's March, and Petey's talking some shit with IU left out of the big dance for the 3rd straight year.

But for all the smack coming from W. Laffatthat about Purdue's recent success and IU's "dusty banners," let's take just a brief look at Purdue's NCAA tournament history before the Fail Train leaves the station later tonight:
  • Purdue remains tied for the nation's longest NCAA Men's Basketball Championship draught: 71 yrs & counting.
  • Purdue is tied for 8th place among teams with the most NCAA appearances without a championship: 24 tournament appearances.
  • It's been 42 years since the Boilermakers' only national championship appearance in 1969- a loss, of course.
  • Purdue has made it to the Final Four only twice, most recently in 1980. Since that time, IU has made twice as many Final Four appearances and won 2 national championships.
  • The black & gold have 20% less Elite 8 appearances (4) than IU has national championships (5); IU has 11 Elite 8 appearances.
  • The Boilers have 9 Sweet 16 appearances compared to IU's 19.
  • JaJuan Johnson is Purdue's 24th All American. IU has produced 75% more All Americans (42).
  • JJ also marks Purdue's 3rd Big 10 POY. IU has produced that many in the last decade (Haston, Jeffries, and White) and 600% more B1G POY's overall (18).
  • By the time Purdue made its 1st NCAA tournament appearance (1969), IU had already won 2 championships.
  • As tumultuous as the past decade has been for the Hoosiers, IU and Purdue have both been to the big dance 7 times each since 2000.
So, there's a little statistical perspective about Purdue's tournament success (or lacktherof). Nonetheless, there's still plenty of room available on the Fail Train before its traditional March derailment, sign up below.
Boiler Application

We'll see you fuckers next year. #BannersBitches

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  1. Elston and Capo will be back next year. How do I know? I am friends with both of their sisters who insist they are coming back. Obviously Crean can change his mind..and let's hope he does.