So You Wanna Be A Boiler?

On the heels of their 2nd consecutive sweet sixteen appearance, 98% of all douchebags an increasing  number of people have expressed interest in becoming Boilermaker fans. 

However, having previously experienced the chaos of a rapidly evacuating bandwagon, Purdue is attempting to create a more orderly manner in which its fans may assign, and soon retract, their loyalties to the black and gold.  Thus, Purdue is implementing an official fan admission process, wherein all new fans are required to submit the application form found below.
Boiler Application

Do with this information what you will, but by no means would I ever want you to complete this document and mail it to the Paint Crew or Matt Painter, or use the remaining balance of your IU copy card to print hundreds of these forms for distribution around the West Lafayette campus tomorrow afternoon.  Those would all be very, very bad ideas, and I expressly condemn your acting upon them.


  1. Anyone have the fax number I can send this to?

  2. there's no fax number only telegraph response if unable to mail due to the fact that your mail box got taken out by some run away pigs