The Pritch Slap vs. The Sheebag

On a week when multiple winter storms pounded Assembly Hall's exterior, even the gym's newly repaired roof couldn't protect the rims from the awe-casian thunder unleashed upon them by Tom Pritchard & Will Sheehey.

Both dunks were featured as Sports Center's #1 Top Play (although #ThePritch's was bumped to #3 the following morning- wtf?).  Both dunks blew the roof off the Hall and brought the fans and players, alike, to their feet in amazed disbelief at the sheer nastiness of both slams.

So, let the debate begin. Which dunk was the nastiest? Let's review:

Talk about a tough call. 

On the one hand, Pritchard's dunk was as amazing as it was improbable. Seriously. The Pritch: a) crashed the lane with purpose; b) jumped that high; c) was able to pull the ball back from that far behind his head; & d) finished it off with authority, despite taking moderate contact on the finish. Thanks for playing, Ralph Sampson III, you just got Pritch Slapped.

On the other hand, Will's tomahonkey was entirely beastly and completely self-made. Will starts by ball-faking Eric May into a statute 23' from the hoop. He then slashes into the paint and, by the time he reaches the elbow, he's clearly resolved to take it strong to the rack. Once Basabe rotates over and challenges the dunk, well, he gets Sheebagged in the worst way. 

Tom dropped Victor's jaw & blew a little girl's mind. Will put his junk all up in Basabe's flavor & elicited an "Oh. My. God." from Elston on the bench.  Tom reminded Verdell of MJ's martian escapades, while Will reminded me of another Hoosier who's proficient at tomafucking the rim.

So, there you have it. A double-shot of vanilla funk to start your Super Bowl Sunday morning. What say you? Which was the better dunk?


  1. We all knew Sheehey was capable, but Pritchard?! He's like your little brother whose face turns 10 shades of red and almost tears up when you make slight contact with him at the rim. And the sound that reverberated from the rim was outrageous, so I say Pritchard's wins hands down. It was a travesty that they bumped it from the top spot. Let's keep showing up at that number one spot because we aren't getting any national recognition from our win-loss record.

  2. Sheebagged, CLASSIC!!!!!!

  3. Great question. Ultimately,it depends on the criteria you choose to use, so here are mine...

    I'll let basketball experts debate the technical aspects of this decision...I'm just a fan/alumnus/former Little 5 Rider with no business commenting on basketball (I still don't know why the changed from two forwards, two guards and a center to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 spots).

    I like to consider the history of each of these players as the baseline. While "The Pritch" started out as a beast his Freshman year, in the eyes of our fan base has been a much maligned, foul-more-than-score, questionable contributor. Admittedly, I was in the "what the heck does Crean see in this guy" camp. He just looked lost to me...particularly on offense. Sheehey, on the other hand, has been a little better then expected for his first season in the candy-striped pants...a pleasant surprise in my mind.

    In this context, the Pritch Slap (and his overall performance during the Minnesota game) represents approaching people with a more positive, open mind. It was a welcome slap-in-the-face for me - which also carries over into a more positive outlook on our turnaround. How can you look at this event and not think "he will do it again" and "our team will see another banner"?

    Thanks to Pritch for Pritch Slapping my perspective around. I'm a better person for it!