Tijan & His Liger: A Gallery of Awesome

So...I'm in the process of revamping the blog and likely having some t-shirts made.  And while brainstorming ideas for the Tijan & his liger shirt, I had to indulge myself in the images found below. You're welcome. 

IU's most recognizable icons.

Still trying to figure out how Cigar Guy got all the attention in this one.

Because neon green-clad stormtroopers aren't nearly scary enough.

Can you guess which two should not be banned from breeding?

I dare those vandals to try and steal the handles now.

3 days of peace, love, & Tijan.

All the drugs in the world could never make Elvis feel as good as he did this day.

What a long, strange trip it was.

You got knocked the fuck out....with AWESOMENESS!

Where's Tijan?

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