Overlooking, the Details

True story:
No sooner than I typed the title of this post, I get a tweet from the Scoop about Crean's radio show tonight.  Yeah, the same radio show where Crean acknowledges his team overlooked Iowa.  Well, fuck me.

After spending the past day and some change pissed off about IU's lackadaisical escapade in Evanston, I was determined to convince everyone with this post that we're actually a far better team than they think and that the hideous loses to Northwestern and Iowa were the result of IU overlooking its opponents.  Not expecting many readers to immediately buy what I was selling, I amassed an arsenal of examples and correlations to support my conclusion.

Now that Crean has admitted it, I'll save you your time.  We overlooked Iowa and got our asses kicked at home because of it.  And while Crean wants to split hairs about Northwestern's loss being caused by mistakes, let's not parse our words about overlooking = failing to prepare = making mistakes.

The many, many mistakes we made against Northwestern were the result of overlooking yet another opponent and not mentally preparing ourselves for the challenges of defending the Princeton offense.  There can be no severing of the causal connection between the 3 sins.  We also overlooked Northwestern and again got our asses kicked because of it.

Now that we've established this unsettling fact, let's see what Coach Crean is going to do about it.  We've long heard how Crean's team his too fragile to treat heavyhandedly.  Fortunately, I've got a copy of the Hoops Rules (Old Testamate) handy and it clearly states that, "if a team is tough enough to overlook an opponent, said team shall be adequately capable of having its ass chewed out and its balls run off until the situation subsides- public humiliation & puke-inducing wind sprints are advised." 

There you have it.  If they're big enough to look past a conference opponent, they've got to be big enough to be held accountable for their bullshit play.  It's time to take the kid gloves off, coach.  Benching Dumes sooner would have been nice, but running his ass off until he puked the last time he pulled that shit would've purged his brain of any fleeting thoughts about chucking up another 28-footer in the future.

We've already agreed that some games which are clear losses early on should be used for developmental purposes, so what's the deal about burning minutes for punitive purposes?  Shit, don't let Devan dress for OSU after that nonsense; we don't give a fuck.

As we've previously discussed, we've seen some crazy shit on those sidelines.  Benching guys for dumbass decisions will not only make this team more accountable, it will earn you extra points from the Faithful, lots of 'em.

And going forward, I'd make damn sure they never, ever forget that we lost to Boston, GMU, and fucking Loyola at home this year.  There's no goddamn excuse for allowing them to overlook a Big 10 opponent now.

Whether it's failing to move away from the ball on offense or busting ass back on defense, there can be no tolerating half-assed effort under any circumstances, our present plight not excluded.  I'd just as soon see Finkelmeier, Moore, Gambles, Barnett, & Bawa bumblefuck their way through a half and know that they're at least gaining valuable experience than watch our starters grabasstically pretend they're immune from now working their asses off after playing a couple of decent games in a row.  Fuck, play with four players if you have to, the place will know exactly what you're doing and love you for it.

No matter how Crean approaches the matter, it's gotta be addressed, and quickly.  Because keeping these boys' asses grounded in reality is the coach's job, and that's a detail that isn't being overlooked around here lately.

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