The Revival

A funny thing happened on the way to the worst season in Hoosier history. After spending a lifetime living and breathing IU basketball, I decided to start a blog. And a nice little streak I went on. But not 40 days after launching this little shit show, I could no longer take it. It became too much for this Hoosier to bear. It's not that I stopped attending the games or talking about them incessantly with anyone who'd listen, I was as dutiful as ever. Rather, by penning the Chronicles I somehow was forced to confront those musings and accept them as my most honest expressions and feelings about IU basketball.

Truth is, it fucking hurt, BAD. And despite my daily bantering about the unprecedented nature of Crean's resurrection project and how it wouldn't be long before we were back on track, watching the clusterfuck that was last season burned my eyes and wrenched my heart. It came to feel as though Miles Brand had taken a giant shit on my soul. As much as I quickly came to enjoy the feeble little forum I'd created, I sooner realized that my words had to be true to my feelings, and they weren't pretty.

Thus, I had to shut it down. It's one thing to be cut, but it's an entirely different matter to be the asshole pouring salt in your own wounds. Worse yet, the posts rapidly became desperate and overly melodramatic. (Hey, what can I say? There's only so many ways one can describe excruciating pain.) However, I digress.

And while the pain of last year has numbed but not disappeared, the healing of this year's progress has stirred my inner scribe again. Coupled with a career change during this same period that's left me writing far less, I'm ready to dive back into the Chronicles anew.

Call it a revival of sorts. With Crean's squad displaying shades of recognizable Hoosier basketball, hope has been resurrected. So, too, my need to say some shit can no longer be denied. I can't promise much in the way of regular content (or cohesive, cognisant thought for that matter), but I'm fairly certain this season will provide plenty angles to explore.
Sooo.....keep checking back, and I'll try to keep dropping whatever's on my mind. I'm also going to spend some time updating the gadgets & page stuff that, hopefully, makes this spot worth an occasional visit.

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