Nuclear Winter

There is no more need for theoretical conceptualization, we now know what it looks like.

This is nuclear winter in Bloomington.

10 months after IU detonated the K(elvin)-bomb, Carl Sagan's toxic nightmare has unfolded at Assembly Hall. In the wake of the team's decimation- Crean referred to it as "gutting" tonight- Branch McCrackin Court has become a barren wasteland for Hoosier basketball. Its recent inhospitable conditions are producing unheard of numbers for the boys in candy stripes.

Lowest temperature ever recorded at home: IU-42 (12.22.8)

Largest lead ever surrendered in a home loss: 21 (12.28.8)

Highest turnover ranking in history: 327th out of 330 (12.9.8)

Home free throw avg.: 50% (12.28.8- any night lower?)

Now that the solstice has passed and winter officially arrived in Indiana, it seems Hoosier basketball, too, couldn't be any further from the sun. These are cold, dark days, indeed.

So much for that whole thing about mutually self assured destruction as a nuclear deterrent (it does, however, seem to work as NCAA repentance).

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