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CrimsonCast and Hoosier Chronicles unite! Galen and Chronic Hoosier sit down for a wide-ranging conversation about IU basketball, deep-diving into the Crean era, the national position of IU basketball, Indiana fandom, and what direction IU will (or should) go for a new coach.

Tom Crean: By The Numbers

Photo via: 8bitremixguy

Seasons at Indiana: 9
Salary: $3,152,867 ($740,000 max bonuses)(9th highest in NCAA basketball)
Record at IU: 165-133 Overall, 71-91 B1G
Postseason Record: 9-12 (6-4 NCAA Tournament, 3-8 B1G Tournament)
2016 Recruiting Budget: $512,756 

Avg. Wins Per Season: 18.3
Avg. B1G Wins Per Season: 7.9

Avg.  B1G Ranking: 7.1

Avg. Efficiency Overall 69, Offense 72, Defense 111
Avg. Recruiting Class Ranking: 28.4
Per 247 Composite Team Recruiting Rankings